About us
Beijing langdi laser source co., Ltd is an export branch company belong to Beijing langdilaser technology&development Co., ltd . we supplying the pump lamps for laser made with high temperature graded seal technology which imported from U.S.A. represents the present state-of-the-art in lamp construction .This kind of lamps are extensively chosen for use in solid state lasers .because of their high reliability and reproducibility as well as long operating lifetimes .
Xenon lamp series:
Air cooled lamps for lower average power applications .linear is normally supplied ,U-shaped ,helical ,ring are available .These lamps also have applications in high –speed photography ,beacon ,strobe system ,etc .
Fluid cooled lamps for high average power applications .(inside wall loading≥15watts/cm²),primary pump sources for pulsed solid state lasers .
Krypton arc lamp series:
Krypton arc lamps for ND:YAG CW lasers .Bore sizes generally 4~7mm and arc lengths 50~100mm,lifetime ≥300hrs
Besides clear fused silica ,Doped cerium silica and UV-absorbing silica are also used for envelope materials ,The latter can cut off the majority of UV radiation and are useful for improving efficiency and lifetime of lamps . in a ND:YAG laser ,if we use a pump lamp with UV-absorbing silica envelope ,needn’t take another UV-absorbing measures.